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Dr. Leila Chaychi: Bringing her Medical Expertise to the Aesthetics Field

Dr. Chaychi is a renowned endocrinologist and the best weight loss doctor in San Mateo, with a wealth of experience in clinical practice. She attained her fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism from Dartmouth Medical School in 2010 after completing her medical training at Yale University.


Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to patient care, Dr. Chaychi expanded her services to include aesthetic treatments. She became licensed in medical aesthetics and now offers an array of cutting-edge treatments at her Med Spa in San Mateo, known as Cosmetica Slim Med Spa.

Over the years, Dr. Chaychi has distinguished herself as a Principal Investigator in numerous groundbreaking clinical trials for weight management. Her Med Spa in San Mateo, Cosmetica Slim Med Spa, has become a local hub for holistic health, seamlessly combining weight management services with aesthetic enhancements.


Dr. Chaychi employs a variety of state-of-the-art devices and injectable treatments, ensuring that her patients not only achieve their weight loss goals but also experience anti-aging benefits. Her methods have consistently proven effective in helping patients attain well-defined and sculpted body contours, results that are often unattainable through diet and exercise alone.


By incorporating advanced technologies into her weight loss coaching and treatments, Dr. Chaychi has successfully eliminated the need for post-weight loss surgical procedures like body lifts. Patients of Cosmetica Slim Med Spa in San Mateo experience enhanced muscle tone and reduced body fat, reaping the rewards of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art approach to health and beauty.

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As the best weight loss doctor in San Mateo, Dr. Chaychi's holistic approach at Cosmetica Slim Med Spa has set a new standard in patient-centered care.

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