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Our team has a passion for providing patient-centered care that is focused on your results as much as your comfort. At Cosmetica Slim Med Spa our goal is to enhance, rejuvenate and improve your appearance. Our experienced and licensed professionals serving medspa in San Mateo, cater every single service we offer to your lifestyle and goals.

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- Jane, San Mateo
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Amazing results after just one session! Cosmetica Slim Spa team are absolute magicians!
- Simone Blake
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Dr. Chaychi and staff are great. You can get any and everything you need done to feel your best self. Highly recommend for a good med spa experience.
- Rooz S.
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Leyla and her team are fantastic. Clean facilities. Great front office. Great experience all around. Recommend to anyone.
- Arshia Zameni
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Dr. Chaychi is very knowledgeable and friendly. The staff are experienced and the clinic is very modern and hygiene. Definitely recommended!
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Discover the beginnings of Cosmetica Slim Med Spa through the voice of our founder, Dr. Leila Chaychi. Click the button below to access an exclusive audio message outlining our journey.

Dr. Leila Chaychi

Bringing her Medical Expertise to the Aesthetics Field

Dr. Leila Chaychi: Bringing her Medical Expertise to the Aesthetics Field Dr. Chaychi is a renowned endocrinologist and the best weight loss doctor in San Mateo, with a wealth of experience in clinical practice. She attained her fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism from Dartmouth Medical School in 2010 after completing her medical training at Yale University.

Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive approach to patient care, Dr. Chaychi expanded her services to include aesthetic treatments. She became licensed in medical aesthetics a few years back and now offers an array of cutting-edge treatments at her Med Spa in San Mateo, known as Cosmetica Slim Med Spa. Over the years, Dr. Chaychi has distinguished herself as a Principal Investigator in numerous groundbreaking clinical trials for weight management.

Her Med Spa in San Mateo, Cosmetica Slim Med Spa, has become a local hub for holistic health, seamlessly combining weight management services with aesthetic enhancements. Dr. Chaychi employs a variety of state-of-the-art devices and injectable treatments, ensuring that her patients not only achieve their weight loss goals but also experience anti-aging benefits.

Her methods have consistently proven effective in helping patients attain well-defined and sculpted body contours, results that are often unattainable through diet and exercise alone.

By incorporating advanced technologies into her weight loss coaching and treatments, Dr. Chaychi has successfully eliminated the need for post-weight loss surgical procedures like body lifts. Patients of Cosmetica Slim Med Spa in San Mateo experience enhanced muscle tone and reduced body fat, reaping the rewards of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art approach to health and beauty.

After many years of providing aesthetic care at the side of her endocrine clinic and weight loss practice, Dr Chaychi decided to open an independent weight loss and aesthetic clinic to have more focus on full body rejuvenation while providing the Majic of hormonal and metabolism balance to help her patients not only to feel their best but also to look their best.

Janessa | Certified Medical Assistant in San Mateo, CA


Aesthetic Nurse

Over the past 13 years, I have dedicated my career to the field of medical aesthetics & wellness, nurturing my passion for helping clients achieve their wellness and aesthetic goals. My journey began during my college years, where I simultaneously pursued a degree in organizational communication studies while working at a renowned med spa. This experience served as a catalyst for my growing fascination with the world of aesthetics and wellness.

Following my graduation, I pursued my interest in aesthetics and wellness by obtaining an aesthetician license. This allowed me to delve deeper into the practical aspects of the field, gaining hands-on experience serving as Practice Manager and clinical roles at various plastic surgery clinics and med spas. As my expertise and profound understanding of the medical aesthetic industry expanded, I found myself collaborating with several startups, aiding them in establishing their own successful spa ventures.

Motivated by a relentless pursuit of excellence, I decided to take the next significant step in my career and enrolled in a program for an accelerated second bachelor’s degree in nursing. This educational endeavor has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the medical intricacies involved in providing holistic care to patients, further enhancing my ability to blend my aesthetic/ wellness expertise with a profound understanding of medical principles.

My diverse background ranging from extensive practice management, consulting, to hands-on experience in various medical aesthetic settings, has enabled me to cultivate a unique skill set.

Dr Chaychi | Certified Medical Assistant in San Mateo, CA

Iwona Nasuto

Aesthetic Nurse

Aesthetic Nurse Iwona Nasuto graduated from Medical University in 2006, receiving her Master’s in Nursing. She then worked as a nurse in the United Kingdom until she discovered an interest in aesthetics. She moved to the United States over five years ago with her husband and cat, and since then, she has worked alongside a Plastic Surgeon, delivering aesthetic treatments to her patients.

Iwona offers a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation, providing patients with non-surgical options for optimal results. She strongly believes in Regenerative Medicine and likes to deliver more natural results to her patients.

Iwona has completed training from leading industry professionals and attended Master Injector Trainings and Aesthetic Conferences. She also worked with the Global Pharmaceutical Company as a Medical Affairs Clinician, where she found her passion in teaching other medical providers the administration of neurotoxins and dermal fillers.

Iwona’s genuine care and passion for the aesthetics field make her a valuable member of the team. Her mission is to make patients feel comfortable and special while enhancing their natural beauty.

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Aesthetic Nurse

Elizabeth Enriquez, BSN, RN, is a multifaceted aesthetic nurse passionate about enhancing natural beauty and restoring confidence in her patients. She holds dual degrees in Nursing and Biology from San Francisco State University, and extensive training in aesthetic procedures, Elizabeth brings clinical expertise and artistic finesse to her practice. As a registered nurse and licensed esthetician specializing in injectables, laser treatments, and skincare, she offers a unique approach to each patient, tailoring treatments to their unique goals and facial anatomy. Elizabeth’s commitment to excellence is evident in her ongoing pursuit of education and training, regularly attending conferences and is an active member of professional institutions such as the International Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Nurses, the National Nurses in Business Association, American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing, and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing. As a key member of Cosmetica, she prioritizes patient safety, education, and effective outcomes while delivering customized aesthetic enhancements.Beyond her aesthetic clinical practice, Elizabeth serves as a Clinical Advice Charge Nurse at Stanford Health Care and Women’s Health Patient Care Manager at San Francisco VA. When not wearing scrubs, Elizabeth enjoys traveling, expressing her artistic side through fashion, and spending time with her family, including her beloved cat. Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram @lizwiththesyringe to discover more about her dedication to supporting patients through their aesthetic journey.


Lead Medical Assistant

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Rozita | Certified Medical Assistant in San Mateo, CA


Makeup Artist

Rozita Ebneali has been in the beauty industry since 2008 and has been Business Manager & Permanent Makeup Artist representing well-known cosmetic brands.

Rozita established Master Makeup Artist after seeing a demand for the beauty and cosmetics industry growing every year.

Her mission in life is to give confidence in others and empower women to feel better about themselves inside and out and this is what inspired Rozita to start her company by offering exceptional services.

Rozita is extremely detail-oriented with a background in cosmetology that has provided her an understanding of color theory, proportion, and balance – all of which greatly complimented her unique aesthetics in permanent cosmetics.

Rozita has had the opportunity to apprentice under micro-pigmentation masters, director-level stylists, and participate in classes by world-renowned educators.

Master Makeup Artist has become such an essential part of Rozita’s life working to give back to the people in her life. Thank you for your support!

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